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Originating from Portland Oregon, Steven


Still & Motion Photography

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Steven Martine Photography specializes in documentary photography, commercial and lifestyle photography, video/high def documentary film making, commercial television work, multimedia and audio for the web.

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The primary system I used were canon cameras and lenses. I also incorporated a DJI Drone into some of the moving pictures. I used a combination of ProFoto light kits and flat panel LED lights for the piece.
Overall, I am very happy, the client is happy, and I hope to do more of these short lifestyle inspired films for clients in the future… ENJOY!!!
This is a lifestyle focused real estate marketing video I have been working on for one of my favorite clients. I had the opportunity to have unlimited creative license on this piece. The client and I used Talent Florida to supply beautiful people for the lifestyle aspect of the piece. Danielle (the female model) is always amazing, you can find her in many of the
pieces I work on… she is always flawless!
To create the piece, I used a combination of still photography and cinema style videography.

Water Pointe Realty Group by Steven Martine

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